Avoca Beach – Central Coast

Here are a couple of recent images, some landscapes I shot over the weekend in the Central Coast of NSW. Some shots from North Avoca Beach and also from the Avoca Beach itself (at the southern end).

The weather was a bit ordinary with a lot of rain, but Saturday showed some really nice cloud formations before a storm rolled in, I managed to set up a few shots along the beach.

I’ve been pretty busy over the past few months building my new studio, so unfortunately haven’t had as much time to do updates as I would like. But now there should be more updates to see on my blog, and perhaps more tutorials too.

Redhead Beach

Over the weekend, I captured a landscape of Redhead Beach over sunset. Redhead Beach is always a top spot for photography, and is just south of Newcastle.

This was shot using a 5D Mark II, 17-40 f/4 L lens and a ND400 filter attached to give the smooth soft water effect.

Redhead Beach

Photos from Victoria

I’ve just recently (well, about a month ago) returned from holidays in Victoria. It wasn’t a photo trip as such, but I was able to visit some unique spots for some photographs. Here are some of my favourite images.

Here are some panoramas from the Grampians National Park, it is lovely area in north west Victoria. The first one is a sunrise at Baroka Lookout, and the second one a sunset at Reid’s Lookout. Both of these are stitched from a number of vertical frames with a 50mm lens.

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Sunrise at Susan Gilmore Beach

Recently, about a week ago, i photographed the sunrise at Susan Gilmore Beach.

Its a small secluded beach here in Newcastle NSW with great looking rock formations. Ideal for long exposures though you need to get there at low tide.

I don’t usually shoot sunrises very often, but i specially got up for this one since low tide almost coincided with the sun rising so it seemed like an ideal time to do this. Here are some of the shots below:

This one below is probably my favourite for the morning. I used a bit of localised channel mixer based colour enhancement here. Keep in mind, i didn’t use it all that much, the sky really was close to that colour when i was there. I used a ND8 filter for this one. This is a single exposure, since i wasn’t shooting into the sun, the dynamic range in the scene was only small (say within 4 to 5 stops), enough to be captured in one shot with a digital camera.

Sunrise from Susan Gilmore Beach

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