A Few Panoramas of Newcastle

Last week, I shot several 360 degree panoramas in the Newcastle. Here are some of my favourites below.

Each of the these were photographed using a panoramic head, 17-40mm f/4L at 17mm, composed of 7 frames all the way around, each frame bracketed from 3 shots. Thus 21 frames per panoramic image. I used Exposure Fusion (enfuse) to blend the bracketed exposure together.

How To Calculate Exposures Quickly at Night Time

Just a quick tip today. We’ll talk about a method I use to quickly determine the best exposure for night photography.

Night photography generally requires very long exposures, often several minutes at a time. To get the best image quality, we need to keep the ISO as low as possible to keep our noise levels down to acceptable levels and also to minimize the occurrence of hot pixels and sometime banding artifacts.

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Multiple Exposure Blending for Landscapes

Welcome to my first tutorial. Today we will be talking about multiple exposure blending. We will be blending multiple exposure to capture more dynamic range in a scene. This technique is more suited towards landscapes, such as those with sky and water/land structures in them where the scene is bright on one section (e.g up high in the sky) then gradually darker to the other (e.g bottom end of image).

Long Jetty 3

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