Nobbys Lighthouse Sunset

Yesterday evening, I headed down to Nobbys Lighthouse (in Newcastle) to photograph a few landscapes. It was a great sunset, and here are few images from the evening.

The colours in the sky can change significantly over the course of several minutes, here is another shot just moments earlier before the sun went down.

Redhead Beach

Over the weekend, I captured a landscape of Redhead Beach over sunset. Redhead Beach is always a top spot for photography, and is just south of Newcastle.

This was shot using a 5D Mark II, 17-40 f/4 L lens and a ND400 filter attached to give the smooth soft water effect.

Redhead Beach

Merewether Seascapes

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured down to Merewether Ocean Baths to photograph some seascapes. The tide was very low that evening so I was able to set up on the rock platforms a lot further out than usual. There was some very nice colours happening in the sky also that afternoon and as a result, I have a few nice worthy images to show for it. Here’s two images shot looking out to the ocean.

Multiple Exposure Blending for Landscapes

Welcome to my first tutorial. Today we will be talking about multiple exposure blending. We will be blending multiple exposure to capture more dynamic range in a scene. This technique is more suited towards landscapes, such as those with sky and water/land structures in them where the scene is bright on one section (e.g up high in the sky) then gradually darker to the other (e.g bottom end of image).

Long Jetty 3

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