Avoca Beach – Central Coast

Here are a couple of recent images, some landscapes I shot over the weekend in the Central Coast of NSW. Some shots from North Avoca Beach and also from the Avoca Beach itself (at the southern end).

The weather was a bit ordinary with a lot of rain, but Saturday showed some really nice cloud formations before a storm rolled in, I managed to set up a few shots along the beach.

I’ve been pretty busy over the past few months building my new studio, so unfortunately haven’t had as much time to do updates as I would like. But now there should be more updates to see on my blog, and perhaps more tutorials too.

Somersby Falls, Central Coast NSW

Last weekend, I visited Somersby Falls on the Central Coast NSW for the first time. Wow what a beautiful place! I definitely will need to go back there one again, perhaps with a bit more planning. It was a nice overcast day which made it even better to make some nice images. Here below are some of my favourites from the day.

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The Twelve Apostles

Here’s a couple of more shots from my Summer trip to Victoria. My partner and myself traveled and camped along the Great Ocean Road and saw the gorgeous scenery along the south coast of Victoria. Here are two shots of the Twelve Apostles near Port Campbell. This was taken at sunset.

And heres another image from a sunrise at Boroka Lookout in the Grampians National Park. It is a different take on a similar shot I posted some time ago.

You can see more of my landscape work, including more from my Victoria trip in my landscape gallery www.andygock.com

Merewether Seascapes

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured down to Merewether Ocean Baths to photograph some seascapes. The tide was very low that evening so I was able to set up on the rock platforms a lot further out than usual. There was some very nice colours happening in the sky also that afternoon and as a result, I have a few nice worthy images to show for it. Here’s two images shot looking out to the ocean.