Merewether Ocean Baths

One of my favourite locations to photograph here in the Newcastle region is Merewether Ocean Baths. It always looks great and there is so much variety and photo opportunities and angles to choose from. Combined with a colourful sunrise or sunset, it is something spectacular. It was opened in 1935 and is the largest ocean baths complex in the southern hemisphere.

Here are a display of some of my favourite images I have made at Merewether Baths in the past. Thanks for stopping by.

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Merewether Seascapes

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured down to Merewether Ocean Baths to photograph some seascapes. The tide was very low that evening so I was able to set up on the rock platforms a lot further out than usual. There was some very nice colours happening in the sky also that afternoon and as a result, I have a few nice worthy images to show for it. Here’s two images shot looking out to the ocean.