A Few Panoramas of Newcastle

Last week, I shot several 360 degree panoramas in the Newcastle. Here are some of my favourites below.

Each of the these were photographed using a panoramic head, 17-40mm f/4L at 17mm, composed of 7 frames all the way around, each frame bracketed from 3 shots. Thus 21 frames per panoramic image. I used Exposure Fusion (enfuse) to blend the bracketed exposure together.

Belmont Bay Again

Last weekend, I photographed another sunset at Belmont. This is from the Squids Ink jetty, looking west over the bay (Lake Macquarie). Here are some of my favourites from the evening.

This is a stitched panorama, make up from 9 bracketed vertical frames (27 frames in total). I shot this using a 5D Mark II, 50mm f1.4 lens with 3 stop ND grad filter mounted, rotated on a panoramic head.

Later on as the sun went down, I managed to capture this classic shot of the jetty. I used my favourite exposure blending technique for this, the shot is a composite of two images. I used a 17-40mm f/4L on the wide end with a ND400 filter attached, exposure around 2 minutes from memory.