Red Sky at Warners Bay

There has been some pretty colourful sunsets over the past week, often several days in a row. Last evening, I set up by the jetty at Warners Bay. It looks out over Lake Macquarie and is only around 15 mins from Newcastle.

Its a really nice relaxing place to be, and usually at this time of year (Summer here in Australia), there is often a lot of people about. There were quite a few people last night watching the sunset also. Here are two of my favorite shots from the evening.

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Sunset over Warners Bay

A very interesting storm come over the late yesterday afternoon at Warners Bay jetty and I was able to be there to capture it. What beautiful colours in the sky we had! And it all kept changing every minute.

Here is my favorite shot from the evening:

Sunset at Warners Bay

This photo was made from blending two exposure together. A technique I blogged about previously in my tutorials section. It also had some colour adjustments performed in CIELAB mode, my favourite method of colour adjustment. The long movement in the clouds is due to the long exposure, of around 90 seconds while using my ND400 filter.

I love days like this when nature puts on a great show for us photographers.

Warners Bay Sunset #2