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Welcome to my personal web site. I'm a software and full stack web developer, photographer and electronics hardware designer from Australia. I like to make stuff.

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Start a simple React JS app with Parcel bundler

11 August, 2019
- 3 min read

Here's how to get started with a simple hello world React Javascript app using Parcel. We're going to be using a global install of here. Install Parcel Install parcel globally The advantage if you install it globally is that is only 4MB and 100 or so files. on the other hand will download about… Read more

Loading icon fonts locally when using Ant Design React framework (instead of AliCDN)

05 August, 2018
- 1 min read

Don’t use Alibaba’s CDN! By default, when using the Ant Design ReactJS UI framework, icon fonts are loaded from China’s Alibaba Cloud CDN. This may be undesirable behaviour. You might prefer to have a web site that does not call home when you load a page, or leak IP addresses to a third party. You… Read more

Set up a signage or kiosk machine with Debian 9 Linux

26 June, 2018
- 2 min read

Installation Install Debian with . Use MBR and create a single root partition filling the entire disk. Choose minimal with no graphical desktop environment. Only choose standard system utilities. Create the default root user and a separate user with username . Install the following packages as root… Read more

Moving Virtual Box VDI files

16 April, 2017
- 2 min read

Note This works with encrypted VDI disks. The virtual machine must be shut down before proceeding. Backup first! Backup all the and files. Ths is very important! If you're using encryption, these keys are inside the vbox file so make sure you back this up somewhere safe. From now on we don't touch… Read more

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