Newcastle Model Jasmine Farlow

Here’s a few studio photos I’d like to share, of local Newcastle model Jasmine Farlow. We did a few photo shoots together a few months back, with local make up artist Yvonne from Bombshell Makeup & Beauty. If you’re from around the Newcastle or Lake Macquarie area, you may have seen Jasmine before in some local publications, events and pageants. She’s always fun to work with and we get great results. Here’s a couple of photos I’d like to share.







Bay of Fires Tasmania

Here’s a shot from the Bay of Fires in Tasmania. It’s in a area on the north east coast of Tasmania named Binalong Bay and is lined with white sand beaches, and orange coloured rocks.  The orange colour on the granite rocks are from lichen. It’s just a really beautiful place.

This was shot at sunset, and the weather and clouds turned out pretty nice one the day.



Dove Lake Tasmania

I had the pleasure of visiting Tasmania in November, and capturing the beautiful landscapes of the area.

First up, here is a shot of Dove Lake in Cradle Mountains National Park. It’s a very popular tourist area and the scenery is surreal. If you’re visiting, there’s quite a few different walks you can take in the area to see more of the area and the weather can changes very quickly.

I was only there for one night, and here is one of my favourites from the sunset, I only had a short duration to capture it, in between the sessions of heavy cold winds and rain.

Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Studio Modelling Photography – Sam

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front, and I have a few photos to share.

A few months ago, we did a studio photo shoot with Sam. It was her first photo shoot, we organised her some professional makeup for the day, and wow did she do a great job in front of the camera.

Here are some of my favourite images from the day.

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